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Did you miss us at last Saturday's Good Hurt gig? We missed you!

You also missed Logan's guitar strap breaking and him playing the rest of the night on his knees, holding his bass like an upright. It was very distracting (in a good way, several gals told us afterward). From now on, he pledges to do all shows on his knees, but only if we get him pads. See you next time!

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Back in the studio, writing more tunes.

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Why, you ask, are there so few news entries? Because we still haven't taken the time to code up a way to add them that doesn't involve logging into our server and updating the MySQL database by hand to create them. Foolish, you say? Exactly! But that's what we traffic in! Foolishness of all kinds! So yes, it means that gigs go by without news entries. But those of you who are interested should be getting the emails, and we do post them to the shows page (most of the time).

So we hereby pledge to try to do better. Which means that we may or may not actually do better, but if we don't, at least we pledge to feel more guilty about it.

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Listen to the new Parasite mix. Mail your comments!

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