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Since it's the new year, and you've been asking, we'll tell you what happened with our iPhone app. It's a long story, but we'll try to make it short.

Way back when Apple first started their iPhone Developer Program, we signed up and started to create an app. This was way back before Snow Patrol, before anybody had an iPhone app. By the time we submitted it, a number of other artists had started having "apps" which were nothing more than repackaged website front-ends, and snippets of songs. Adware, basically.

Well, our app incuded all the requisite photos, lyrics, and other promo materials, but we had one additional thing that no one else had. We included an actual song -- Lover's Voice -- and we called it an "App Single." Seems simple enough, doesn't it?

Well apparently not, because it took over 3 months for them to get back to us. And when they did, they said "we're still thinking about it..."

Now to be fair, we suspected something like this. Because at that point in time, there were very few apps in the App Store, especially in the music section. So visibility was very high. And also, song prices in the iTunes store were capped at 99 cents. So if they did approve us, that would mean that the App Store could be flooded with apps that were basically just songs and bands could price them whatever they wanted. So our idea was rather disruptive, and would have turned the music section of the App Store into a duplication of the iTunes store.

But rather than rejecting us for that reason, they kept stringing us along until late January of '09 when they finally rejected us for "limited functionality." This was, of course, absurd on two fronts. First, how could it be "limited functionality" if it did everything that all the approved (major label) adware did and more? And second, if the functionality was so limited, why did it take multiple layers of review and over four months to review it? Heaven forbid it had more functionality, they'd still be reviewing it!

Anyway, we don't really have hard feelings about it, since we know it would have blown up their system. But we would have appreciated a little honesty. And that's the story.

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What do you think of The Reindeer Song? Let us know!

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Thanks everyone for a fright-tastic Halloween party! Kudos to Grace and Thierry for their awesome Siamese Twin outfit. Not only did they win the costume contest, they rocked the dance floor with the most amazing synchronized dance moves you've ever seen by two people joined at the hip. Roger & Golden are definitely going to try some of these at home.

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Back from Tokyo, with a serious cache of Hello Kitty merch. Golden loves her because she has no mouth. Our Halloween bash this year will be on Halloween itself (that's the 31st BTW)! You have 10 days to prepare. Email us a photo of your costume and if it's one of the 5 coolest (e.g., not just a sheet with holes cut in it), you get in free! Otherwise it's $20 at the door, open bar as always.

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