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We were supposed to be home, but are caught here in Tokyo for a couple more days tying up a few loose ends. Met some AWESOME friends at a place called the HUB in the Oriental Hotel in Shin-Urayasu. Highly recommend it to expats in the Tokyo Bay area (home to our secret project).

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Yes, we're back in the States, but only for a few weeks. We return to Tokyo to finish up our dirty dealings next week. We should be totally done by the end of September. So see you all then, and we'll have some fun stories to share at our shows!

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Off to the land of the rising sun!

Yes, it's Tokyo time! Roger & Golden will be in fabulous Tokyo for six weeks this summer, checking out Harajuku, Roppongi, and various other awesome locales. Yes, we're getting paid for it, although it is for our secret sponsor doing secret work, which we can only reveal afterward. So stay tuned, and we apologize for our absence.

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Did you miss us at last Saturday's Good Hurt gig? We missed you!

You also missed Logan's guitar strap breaking and him playing the rest of the night on his knees, holding his bass like an upright. It was very distracting (in a good way, several gals told us afterward). From now on, he pledges to do all shows on his knees, but only if we get him pads. See you next time!

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