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Roger & Golden's Sexohol: What's the Buzz?

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Back on the boat! Back on the boat! Back on the boat! Back on the boat!

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We just can't stop!

We're going back to Japan for another project! This means getting paid for our brains by day, and our bodies by night :) It also means hanging at the HUB, lotsa karaoke (all u can drink!) and playing in Harajuku! Yay! We'll be back in Feb., with more news!

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Check out the spanking new demo of Trixie and give us your thoughts!

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Thanks to everyone who came out to the noontime concert! It was a lot of fun, especially watching the reactions of people to Roger with a full head of hair. Frightening, wasn't it? Also, special thanks to CK and her team of dancers who busted out the spontaneous skanking to Faith. It was awesome and unexpected! You guys rock!

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