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Well, the site redesign continues apace. Let us know if things look weird in your browser.

The search for a drummer is over! And the lucky winner is Evan, a fine, upstanding, barely-legal young man who has no idea what's in store for him. Do us a favor and don't tell him, 'kay?

Roger and Golden have finished the DNA mix. Check it out, why don'tcha?

Keep those juices flowing!


As you can see, we're undergoing a site redesign at the moment. Please bare with us (no that's not a typo) as we try to restructure the site to sate all your Sexohol desires. Feedback is appreciated!

As a few of you know, our drummer Ray was dragged off by rabid girls after our last show, making him the second drummer we've lost that way. We're not sure why this happens, especially when they've got Roger and Logan to choose from.

In any case, we're back to looking for a new drummer. So if you can keep solid time and don't mind the possiblilty of being dragged off by rabid girls, drop us a line, and we'll talk.

In studio notes, Roger and Golden are putting the final touches on the DNA mix. We'll post it next month so you can check it out.

Keep those juices flowing!


Yowza, just a few days ago, Sexohol rocked the Pig'N'Whistle at the Anniversary party for pinup genius Raul Fernandez's website (Warning! Danger! Adult Imagery!)!

Unfortunately, we're not at liberty to post photos of the festivities themselves. But we are able to show you a few before and after photos of the room itself.

Yep, the Pig liked Sexohol's "bohemian boudoir" vibe so much that they decided to buy up our set decoration and make it the permanent theme of their "Blue Room."

So if you have a chance, drop by the Pig and check out the room! Imagine incredibly beautiful, drunken people lounging on the beds whilst listening to the wittiest alternapop of the decade.

Then imagine those people being told to get back up on stage and play their music like they were HIRED to do.

That's sorta what the party was like.


Sexohol will be dispensing its intoxicating tuneage at a private party for pinup genius Raul Fernandez (Warning! Danger! Adult Imagery!).

You might recognize Raul's work from our home page. He's been kind enough to let us use his art in return for Golden posing for him. Oh, and he helped produce our record (again in return for Golden's posing). You can get lotsa stuff for free when Golden's around.

Unfortunately, in this case, "private" applies to the list of people who are allowed to attend, and not the parts of people that will be partying (which is what "private parties" usually refer to in our case). So we're not allowed to divulge the exact time or location. Let's just say it's not the same undisclosed location that Dick Cheney is holed-up in. 'Cause if it were, he'd definitely need a new pacemaker.

Afterward, we'll see if we can post pictures from the party, but we make no promises. After all, it's "private."

BTW, those rumors of Roger and Raul being the same person are completely ludicrous. Next they'll be saying Francis Bacon wrote all of Shakepeare's plays. Kids these days!