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Last night I had a dream.

My feeling is that it was pretty wacked out.
But the only thing I really remembered
when I woke, was this ant with a
horn growing out of its head.

There was also this song in my head.
I'm leery of dream songs, 'cause
they're usually a song you already
heard, but don't remember.

Anyway, here's what I have so far...


Like Millionaire, it's about the
irrational drive to acquire THINGS,
but posits a mind-controlling entity
as the cause. Quality is pretty rough;
I'll put up a more complete version next week.

Now the WEIRD part:
In the course of my daily surf, I wound up at this site
(I'm not really sure how -- the guiding hand of Google no doubt).

You wanna see some creepy sh!t,
check out the video and the comments section.