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Thanks everyone for a fright-tastic Halloween party! Kudos to Grace and Thierry for their awesome Siamese Twin outfit. Not only did they win the costume contest, they rocked the dance floor with the most amazing synchronized dance moves you've ever seen by two people joined at the hip. Roger & Golden are definitely going to try some of these at home.

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Back from Tokyo, with a serious cache of Hello Kitty merch. Golden loves her because she has no mouth. Our Halloween bash this year will be on Halloween itself (that's the 31st BTW)! You have 10 days to prepare. Email us a photo of your costume and if it's one of the 5 coolest (e.g., not just a sheet with holes cut in it), you get in free! Otherwise it's $20 at the door, open bar as always.

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We were supposed to be home, but are caught here in Tokyo for a couple more days tying up a few loose ends. Met some AWESOME friends at a place called the HUB in the Oriental Hotel in Shin-Urayasu. Highly recommend it to expats in the Tokyo Bay area (home to our secret project).

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