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The Story So Far...

AlternaPop duo Roger Quickly & Golden Delicious first grabbed international attention by the scruff of its scrawny neck in March of 2005 when their band Sexohol released the world's first album on iPod shuffle (their debut effort, Enjoy!). This gained them mention on countless websites (yes, we could count them, but we're lazy). With accolades like "who are these guys?" and "nice rack," Roger & Golden left industry insiders so stunned that no one commented about the music. Which is really good, by the way.

The duo again shocked the international online community by releasing the world's first Dashboard Widget Album. Over 1000 copies of the Enjoy! Widget Album were downloaded in the first 24 hours, with fans as far flung as Copenhagen, Russia, and even an undisclosed NASA location ("The Space Shuttle -- Powered by Sexohol!").

Performing as a sextet (BTW, this is where the "Sex" in Sexohol comes from — not that foul 3-letter act that shouldn't even be thought about in the absence of a soul-crushing guilt complex), Sexohol prowls the L.A. area with...

Logan Robbins
Live Bass

Andy Leist
Lead Guitar & Vocals


Evan Jewel

Ellis Burman
Keyboards & Vocals