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Big News!

Our album, Enjoy! is now available for download at the iTunes Music Store! Go there now, and grab a song or two! And don't forget to create an iMix with a couple of our songs in it (making an iMix is free)!

We finally posted pix from the Big Ass Bacchanal! Look in the crowd shots and see if you can spot yourself!

More big things coming in the days ahead, including a performance at Club Good Hurt on September 10th. Visit the Shows page for details.

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Hey Y'all!

Well, we all had a fab time @ the Key Club. So much so, that it's taken this long for us to put up a new news entry. We're sorta lazy that way. And sore. Definitely sore.

Our CD is now available on CD Baby! Yay! So if you don't trust us to send it to you, pop over there to buy your copy. They're respectable and stuff, as well as really cool! We get more coin if you buy it here, but either is good!

Oh! and for all you Mac users out there, Golden and I are featured in the July issue of MacAddict magazine (the paper version). It's a little mention in the Tips & Tricks section. They mention our Enjoy! iPod shuffle, in a snarky, yet complimentary way. Be sure to buy a copy!

We'll be posting pix from the Bacchanal as soon as we can put all those little black rectangles over the faces of those who attended.

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Sexohol Announces First Album Ever Released on iPod® shuffle

BEVERLY HILLS, California—March 17, 2005—Los Angeles-based alterna-pop band Sexohol today released their debut album, "Enjoy!" on Apple® Computer's revolutionary iPod® shuffle. "Enjoy!" iPod shuffle comes preloaded with 12 songs from Sexohol's album, “Enjoy!” so it’s ready to play right out of the box. "Enjoy!" iPod shuffle is available in two models: 512MB holding up to 108 additional songs for just $109 and 1GB holding up to 228 additional songs for just $159.

“iPod shuffle is an insanely great music player, but it has one fundamental flaw,” said Roger Quickly, lead singer and guitarist for Sexohol. “There's no music on it. Sure, you can put music on it, but that means installing software, downloading or ripping songs—frankly, who has the time? The 'Enjoy!' iPod Shuffle comes pre-loaded with 12 great songs from our new album, 'Enjoy!' which won't be released on CD until late April. So not only do you get a great music player with great music, you can get it before the CD release date.”

Sexohol's co-lead singer and bassist, Golden Delicious, sees releasing albums via iPod shuffle as the wave of the future. “It’s only a matter of time before other bands use iPod shuffle as a distribution method or promotional item. With our tradition of innovation, we thought it important to be first. And we've left plenty of room for songs by other visionary artists like The Beatles, Trent Reznor, or Weird Al.”

Quickly was quick to point out that "Enjoy!" iPod shuffle is not endorsed by Apple in any way. "If Steve Jobs asks us to stop selling them, we will. 'Cause, well, Steve is the man," said Quickly. Golden added, "And we don't want him to crush us like a bug."

"Enjoy!" iPod shuffle boasts all the features and accessories of a standard iPod shuffle. Users can charge and transfer additional music from their Mac® or PC by plugging the "Enjoy!" iPod shuffle directly into a USB port.

Pricing & Availability
The 512MB and 1GB models of "Enjoy!" iPod shuffle are available immediately for $109 (US) and $159 (US) respectively, from the Sexohol Online Store (www.sexohol.com).

About Sexohol
Sexohol will celebrate the CD release of "Enjoy!" on April 30th, 2005 at West Hollywood's prestigious Key Club. Sexohol is an innovator in the exploding field of reality-based rock-musical theatre and is dedicated to providing high-quality hookup music for America's Hedonists and Shedonists. Sexohol appears exclusively on Satyrrific Records.

iPod, iTunes, and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.


Happy New Year!

We hope everyone got everything they wanted for Saturnalia. Roger & Golden got some ultra-cool pix taken, just before they exchanged their gifts. The first is on the revised homepage. The rest are cooking in Photoshop. Or at least that's what Roger claims. I never knew that Photoshop required so many towels.

In November (which was the 9th month b4 Julius & Augustus wanted months of their own -- I tell you, Emperors have such egos! Anyway), we were at Oasis Mastering getting the first half of the CD pumped and bumped. New versions are available on the Music Page.

You may notice Golden is louder on some tunes. That's 'cause we remixed 'em too! It was totally Roger's idea. Really. Golden didn't ply anyone with favors. Those are vicious rumors.

Just so you know, we're plannin' a big, badass Bacchanal to celebrate the CD release, probably in April. So keep those schedules open! We'll let everyone know wassup when we do.

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