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Enjoy! Widget Album FAQ

1. Do I have to buy anything to make the Enjoy! Widget work?
Other than a Macintosh with Tiger, no. The music is streamed over the Net (using Apple's Darwin Streaming Server, of course!). As long as you're connected, you're good to go!

2. What happens if I'm not connected to the Internet and I try to play a song?
If you have the song on your hard drive (e.g., in iTunes), it will play. If not, you will get a "No Connection" message. If you have the Full Enjoy!ment Widget, you can play all songs at any time.

Enjoy! Widget
Roll-over to see back

3. Will the Enjoy! Widget play songs I downloaded from iTunes when I'm offline?
Yes! If your iTunes songs are stored in the default location, the Enjoy! Widget will automatically find and play the selected song. If you have your iTunes songs in a special location, you can tell the Enjoy! Widget where they are by dragging the Enjoy! folder that's inside your iTunes folder onto the back of the widget.

4. Do I need to download the entire album from iTunes to make the widget work offline?
No. You can download individual songs and the widget will play those songs when you're offline, even if you haven't downloaded the others. So you can just download your favorites, and only access the others online. Of course, you'll save $1.90 by buying the album all at once (hint, hint)...

5. What's the difference between the Full Enjoy!ment Widget and downloading the songs from iTunes?
The Full Enjoy!ment Widget has two advantages. First, it's self-contained. So if you want to install it on another computer there's just one file to copy over. Second, the bundled files are mp3s, so there are no copy restrictions. This means it will play on any computer, not just one authorized to play iTunes music.

6. If I download the Full Enjoy!ment Widget, can I play those songs in iTunes?
Yes! Hold down "ctrl" while clicking on the Full Enjoy!ment Widget, and choose "Show Package Contents." Drag the folder called "Enjoy!" into iTunes and you're golden!

7. I wasn't able to download the Full Enjoy!ment Widget immediately after I paid for it. Where can I download it?
Right here. Have your transaction # ready.

8. What version of MacOS do I need for the Enjoy! Widget?
Enjoy! Widget Album requires MacOS Tiger, 10.4 or higher. For best results, upgrade to the latest version (currently 10.4.2) for an enhanced widget installation experience.

9. What's the deal with that pattern on Roger's head?
Technically, this is not a Widget FAQ, however, since you asked: It's a tribal pattern that Golden paints on Roger's head 'cause she thinks it looks hot. Trust me; if Golden thinks something's hot, you let her do it.

Enjoy! Widget Album requires MacOS Tiger running on a compatible Macintosh.