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Full Enjoy!ment Widget Album

Enjoy! Widget

Wanna Enjoy! when off-line? You have two great options!

You can either download Enjoy! from the ITunes Music Store, or you can download the Full Enjoy!ment Widget!

Both options let you listen to Enjoy! at your whim whilst perusing lyrics or pix of Roger & Golden. And both are only $9.99! So which is right for you?

If you're already a fan of the iTMS, you might want to go with iTunes. But if you prefer your music as unprotected mp3s, then the Full Enjoy!ment Widget is for you!

Downloading Full Enjoy!ment is easy! Just click on the PayPal button above, fill in your info, and your Widget will download moments later. It is a large download (38MB), so you might want to busy yourself with the latest Sudoku or something. When the download's complete, the Widget will unzip itself (hmmmm...) and install. You're ready to go!

If, for some reason, you have trouble downloading, fret not! You can download Full Enjoy!ment thrice if need be (and after that you can email us if there are still problems).
The Full Enjoy!ment Widget requires Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 running on a compatible Macintosh.