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Enjoy! Widget Album Support

1. When I press play, nothing happens.
There are several possible reasons for this. The most likely is that you aren't connected to the internet. If this is the case, you should see the words "No Connection" appear on the widget. Check your network settings.

If you're behind a firewall, it's possible that the firewall is blocking the connection. Make sure your http and rtsp proxy settings are correct. You can look at these inside the Network section of System Preferences.

Enjoy! Widget
Roll-over to see back

It is also possible that the Sexohol server is too busy. If this is case, Golden will tell you that we're too busy. To avoid getting a busy signal, you can download your favorite songs from iTunes or get the Full Enjoy!ment Widget.

2. When I roll-over the widget, the controls don't appear.
Occasionally if you move your mouse over a widget before Dashboard finishes loading or updating, the "mouse over" message gets lost (this is true of all widgets). If this happens, move your mouse outside the Enjoy! Widget and back inside. The controls should appear.

3. The Enjoy! Widget won't play songs I downloaded from iTunes when I'm offline.
The Enjoy! Widget looks for songs in the default iTunes library location, e.g.,
/Users/< Your_User_name >/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Sexohol/Enjoy!/
If you have your iTunes songs in a special location, you need to tell the Enjoy! Widget where they are by dragging the Enjoy! folder that's inside your iTunes folder onto the back of the widget.

To do this, first flip the Enjoy! Widget over by clicking on the small "i" in the lower-right corner of the widget. Then grab the Enjoy! folder (it's inside the Sexohol folder which is inside the iTunes Music folder), reveal Dashboard, and drop the folder onto the little folder icon on the back of the widget.

4. I wasn't able to download the Full Enjoy!ment Widget immediately after I paid for it. Where can I download it?
Right here. Have your transaction # ready.

5. No matter what I do, I can't download the entire Full Enjoy!ment Widget even though I've paid for it.
Some locations cap the size of files they allow users to download (Public Libraries, I'm looking at you!). If this happens to you, and you have no other broadband access, send us a note and we'll set up a way for you to get the widget in smaller chunks.

In addition, some corporate firewalls (Mickey, I'm looking at you!) try to filter out .ZIP files in an effort to prevent PCs (not Macs!) from getting viruses. So if you're trying to download the Widget at work, you may have problems. Try again at home. And if you need us to reset your downloads, send us a note.

6. Every time I try to play a song, Golden keeps saying "Sorry, we're busy." What's up with that?
Golden only says this if the Sexohol server has run out of streams. We've done our best to anticipate the level of simultaneous demand, but we may be wrong (we can hope!!). If this happens consistently, let us know so we can allocate more resources. Thanks!

7. The Enjoy! Widget won't play the songs in my iTunes library, even though I've told it where to find them.
The Enjoy! Widget will play the songs from Enjoy! in whatever audio format you have them (mp3, m4a, m4p, aif, wav, etc). If you have more than one copy of a given song (e.g. in two different formats) in the same folder, the widget may get confused. Move the duplicate copies to a different folder, and everything should work fine.