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Enjoy! iPod® shuffle Enjoy! iPod® shuffle
The Hottest Music Player!
Pre-Loaded with the Hottest Music!

CDs are sooooo 20th Century...

No doubt you've heard about iPod® shuffle! Now you can get one with the 12 great songs from Enjoy! ready to play, right out of the box! No charging! No uploading! Just plug in the 'phones and go!

Available in either a 512MB or 1GB model, there's plenty of space for (horrors!) other songs. And the Sexohol logo stickers are removable, in case you need to hide your Sexohol addiction from family and friends.

Enjoy! iPod® shuffle is not endorsed by Apple Computer in any way. iPod® is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

Enjoy! iPod shuffle FAQ

Do I need to plug Enjoy! iPod shuffle into my computer before using it?
In most cases, no! We've charged Enjoy! iPod shuffle for you. However, if you live in a very remote place and shipping takes a long time, it is possible that Enjoy! iPod shuffle will discharge before arriving.

How do I charge my Enjoy! iPod shuffle?
Simply plug Enjoy! iPod shuffle into your computer's powered USB port. If you haven't installed the iPod shuffle software, your computer will either think it is a Flash Drive, or not see it at all. In either case, Enjoy! iPod shuffle will charge. IMPORTANT: If your computer sees Enjoy! iPod shuffle as a Flash Drive you must "Eject" it or use Windows' "Safely Remove Hardware" feature before removing it. Failure to do so may result in data loss. DO NOT remove Enjoy! iPod shuffle if the orange light is flashing!

If you have already installed the iPod shuffle and iTunes software included with Enjoy! iPod shuffle, then you will be alerted upon insertion that Enjoy! iPod shuffle "is linked to another iTunes music library." DO NOT CLICK YES! If you want to add more songs, see "How do I add more songs?" below. Click "No" and Enjoy! iPod shuffle will charge (but you won't see it in iTunes®).

How do I add more songs to Enjoy! iPod shuffle?
First, follow the software installation instructions provided in the Enjoy! iPod shuffle box.

Then, insert Enjoy! iPod shuffle into your computer's USB port. iTunes should launch, and you will be alerted that Enjoy! iPod shuffle "is linked to another iTunes music library." You will be asked if you want to link Enjoy! iPod shuffle to your music library (and erase all the songs on it). Click "Yes."

Now find Enjoy! iPod shuffle on your computer's desktop (it should be labeled "IPOD"). Double-click on it and you will see a folder labeled "Enjoy!" Drag this folder into your iTunes library. Once the songs have been copied into your iTunes library, you may now add any songs to Enjoy! iPod shuffle that you wish, simply by dragging them to the "Enjoy! shuffle" icon in iTunes! We recommend the songs from Enjoy! by Sexohol!

I didn't read all the above before erasing my Enjoy! iPod shuffle, and now all the Sexohol songs are gone. How do I get them back?
Send an email to support@sexohol.com. Once we verify your purchase, we will email you back the songs in mp3 format. They have no DRM, so we rely on your honor not to burn a million CDs from them.

The stickers are wearing off. How do I get more?
We've included extra stickers for this purpose. If you run out of those, send an email to support@sexohol.com. We'll send you more stickers for a $1 postage & handling fee.