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Golden Ears

Horny Glow Necklace
As worn by Golden Delicious!
The perfect accessory for any Pagan party!

Handmade by Roger himself to his demanding specifications, Golden Ears are the sexiest ear-wear around. You'll turn heads, raise temperatures, and infuriate the Opposition!

Golden Ears are made from hypo-allergenic gold-colored wire. If you want the ultimate in shedonistic accoutrements, you can get them in 14k Gold by special request (market price).

One size fits most. Hoop not included.

Get yours today!
Golden Ears -- $160

Golden Ears FAQ

My Golden Ears don't quite fit. How can I adjust them?
Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, gently adjust the arch which goes over the top of your ear so that the little tab doesn't pinch. Then use the pliers to adjust the crescent which goes behind your ear so that it gently presses up against the cartilage behind your earlobe.

If you have additional difficulty, contact support@sexohol.com with your specific issue and we'l try to tell you how to fix it.

Be careful: repeated bending may weaken or break your Golden Ears.