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Horny Glow Necklace

Horny Glow Necklace
It's Cool! It Glows!
Reveal your throbbing red desire with our nifty Horny Glow Necklace!

The vibrant red Sexohol Horns are illuminated by a powerful red LED. A magnetic clasp holds the necklace together and also acts as a switch. You simply twist it to turn it on (like so many other things in life)!

Replaceable batteries provide hours of glowing pleasure.

Available in red or red.

Get yours today!
Horny Glow Necklace -- $5

Horny Glow Necklace FAQ

Can I replace the batteries myself?
You betcha! The Horny Glow Necklace uses three little watch batteries. Take the spent ones to your local drug store and ask them for replacements.

Is the necklace dishwasher-safe?
No, you should clean your Horny Glow Necklace with a soft cloth (and maybe a little dishwashing soap).